The Floating Wind Turbine Lab Scale Model and the Early-Stage Damage Scenarios

Floating wind turbine

The Floating Wind Turbine Lab Scale Model and the Early-Stage Damage Scenarios

The lab-scale model of the FWT (Fig.1(a)), which is designed in the University

of Patras and manufactured by the “”, consists of the main tower,

the rotor, the blades, a tension leg platform also known as the floater of the

FWT [19], a base plate and three springs. The tower houses the rotor which

is connected to the blades, as well as it is connected at its lower part with

the platform through bolts. The base plate and the three springs are used for

the emulation of the FWTs motion with the constraints from its mounting to

the sea bottom through typical mooring lines. The FWT model rotates normally

under 9 different operating conditions that result from 3 wind speeds, designated

as WS1, WS2 and WS3, and 3 wind directions WD1, WD2 and WD3. These

conditions are achieved by adjusting both the rotating speed and the direction

4 J.S. Korolis et al.L





Blade Crack (BC)

Added Mass (AM)

Connect. Degrad. (CD)




(e) (a)


Fig. 1. (a) The lab-scale FWT model, (b) accelerometer position, (c) Blade Crack

(BC), (d) Added Mass (AM ), (e) Connection Degradation (CD) and (f) fan location

(wind speeds WS1, WS2, WS3 and directions WD1, WD2, WD3).

of a fan with respect to the FWT model as illustrated in Fig.1(f). Three different

early-stage damages are considered separately on the FWT model including: (i)

Blade Crack (L = 3 cm, 8% of the total blade length) as shown in Fig. 1(c),

designated as ‘BC’, (ii) Added Mass (m = 2.3 g) on a single blade simulating

potential ice accumulation as shown in Fig. 1(d), designated as ‘AM ’, and (iii)

Connection Degradation between tower and floater implemented by removing

two out of the total eight mounting bolts as shown in Fig. 1(e), designated as


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